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“Using pre-printed corrugated inventory is an expensive strategy, especially in light of the fact that we produce to a customer order, not to a forecast. We needed a way to cut costs and gain control. Moving to a generic case program and printing cases on a just in time basis with an Iconotech print system is the way to go. The equipment is simple to operate and reliable. The cost savings benefits are huge”. Steve Parnell, President - Fresherized Foods. 

 "We have been using Iconotech printers for over five years and have found the reliability to be exceptional. Their customer service is extremely responsive and helpful and has only solidified our relationship further over the years”. Mark Thomson, Vice President of Operations, Sugar Foods Corporation 

“Our Iconotech printer has allowed us greater flexibility in meeting customer's changing demands. Graphics revisions are completed instantly, as opposed to the delay of consuming large inventories of pre-printed fiber. Our ability to maintain lower inventories has created additional cost savings by preventing waste and freeing up warehouse space. The print quality is excellent along with the 1 person ease of use. I have appreciated the quick technical support that has allowed us years of operation without significant down-time”. LaMont D. Feske, Director, Shipping/Receiving, Sunsweet Growers, Inc. 

 “Switching over to an Iconotech printer, for the ability to print our cartons with shipper codes in-house, has allowed us to eliminate pre-printed cartons altogether, easily reducing our carton inventory by 40%. Since we produce a significant number of products in fairly small quantities, the flexibility to produce printed cartons easily and on short notice allows us to make production changes on the fly. I am currently recommending Iconotech to one of our suppliers”. Dennis R. Dudley, Prod. Dev. Mgr., Bardahl Mfg. Corp. 

 “The Iconotech system works great and is saving us a tremendous amount of money. The boxes look great, certainly a big improvement over our previous labels, and we have the ability to do short run customized boxes for any of our food service customers without the cost and time required to do custom labels. More importantly, the machine and software do exactly what you said they would do in terms of production, cost, ease of use and savings...that's seems to be the exception today, not the norm, and is a pleasant surprise. Your equipment is a solid performer, and I have no problem endorsing or recommending Iconotech”. Ian Schenkel, President & CEO, Haliburton International Corporation 

 “The Iconotech system is working great! I wish all of our equipment gave us this type of service. We are running at least 16,000 case sides through on 2 shifts. Lately we have added a third shift printing as our needs change daily. The PM service that Iconotech offers is excellent. Duane is thorough on his PM's and makes sure he relates any problems that need to be addressed. We appreciate you following up and being concerned. Thanks for the working relationship we've had from May of 2003 when we purchased the printer”. Nita Brown, Purchasing, Allen's, Montezuma, Ga. 

 “Southern Champion Tray has benefited greatly by adding the Iconotech Case Printing System. We have added four panel graphics to over 40 of our existing items which has satisfied end user demand. We can quickly set up the machine and run just the number of cases needed to satisfy the production run. The cost of burning an image provides significant savings in time and expense as compared to ordering plates and getting artwork approval through traditional channels. Additionally we have the ability to change designs and add promotional information when desired”. 

 “Because the machine is easy to set up we can quickly adjust to changes in the production schedule. We typically run cases on the Iconotech for same day use in our production facility. We currently staff our machine with one employee who is able to setup, run, and palletized the printed cases. We have been pleased with both the performance of the machine and the support we have received from Iconotech”. Matthew Williams, Supply Chain Mgr. , Southern Champion Tray, Chattanooga, TN. 

 “With 66 SKUs, our inventory levels were huge before with preprinted cases. Bringing case printing in-house, we have realized savings with reduced inventory and the cost of boxes. The bar codes are now fresh and clear. We used to have 60 percent to 70 percent readability of our bar codes, now we have 100 percent readability. Our Iconotech printer is super reliable, we call it our workhorse. We’ve been using it for seven years now, printing an average of 3,000 boxes/day on all four panels of our boxes. The print quality is great." Mr. Angel R. Portuondo, Goya Foods of Florida, Director of Operations, Development & Manufacturing 

 "Our Iconotech printer runs great! The biggest issue we have is the turnover of personnel and their mistakes operating. It’s really forgiving so they can't mess up too much, it's a great unit and I wish we had another." Steve Verberne, Grinding and Sizing Co. 

 "Our printer is a tank. It continues to work flawlessly. We have worn off the text for the various identification of buttons on the equipment. There are a couple cracks in the Plexiglas, but the thing is, what, 10 years old and does everything we ask it to do."  John Heinz – Spectrum Brands – Pet, Home and Garden Division