Iconotech Ink


The Iconotech ink required for use in Iconotech Case Printers is emulsion ink specifically formulated for the Iconotech printing technology. Our ink is pigmented to produce the most vibrant print and provide  the darkness and contrast ratios necessary for maximum bar code read rates. As emulsion ink, it is not susceptible to evaporation so washing out and cleaning at the end of a print run is not required.

The ink is contained in a closed loop inking system to prevent spills and unsightly mess. The ink dries by contact with the surface of the corrugate. It is environmentally friendly as it is non-flammable and contains no toxic chemicals or hazardous substances. Incidental spills can be cleaned up with environmentally friendly, citrus-based cleaners.

The ink is sold in one gallon containers, packaged 4 gallons to a shipping case. Depending on the print layout, typical yield is 30,000 prints per gallon.


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Iconotech Imaging Film


The Iconotech imaging film consists of a non-woven, natural fiber tissue laminated to a very thin PET film of less than 2 microns. The components of the film and the precise lamination produce a unique product designed specifically for the Iconotech printing process. Creating print messages on the film using the thermal imager and imaging software supplied by Iconotech results in 200 DPI print on corrugated board which gives optimal clarity for printing on corrugated. The strength of the lamination allows trained operators to obtain a yield upwards of 5000 prints per film.


The imaging film is supplied in rolls of 90 meters in length, which yields about 90 print films. It takes less than 30 seconds to output a print message to the thermal imager and a trained operator can change over the imaged film on the Iconotech Case Printer from one print message to the next in less than 2 minutes. Used film is disposable in normal garbage streams.


Click here for the film Safety Data Sheet


Ink and film may be ordered by emailing Customer Service  at orders@iconotech.com or calling 800.521.0194.




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